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Sales Manager

Managing projects for over 30 years in building Services.

Owner and Sales Manager at Secure Homes

karl reynolds cleangreencomputer

Karl REynolds

Technical Sales

Interested in technology since the mid 80s now has the opportunity to explore the latest in home automation and evolving technologies.  Specifcally keen to see how technology can enhance our daily experiences.


  • Owner and Tech. lead at Cleangreen Computers

  • Owner and Tech. lead at Secure Homes


BSc in Computer Science and O.R.

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Curator, Depot Art Space

Secure Homes has been instrumental in providing hands-on, personal service to help set up cameras in Depot Art Gallery. The fact that they've been able to tackle every challenge and have demonstrated a commitment to making security solutions accessible and manageable is highly commendable.


The diversity of your gallery's operations, including valuable and irreplaceable artworks, sound studios, and a soon-to-be retail store, underscores the importance of a comprehensive and adaptable security system.

It's great that Secure Homes is working closely with Depot to ensure all aspects of our space are monitored effectively to prevent loss or damage.

Their willingness and capability to cater to the specific needs of your gallery, coupled with their hands-on approach, are crucial factors in creating a secure environment for both artworks and other valuable assets. It's clear that SecurHomes is not only capable of providing advanced surveillance solutions but is also focused on simplifying the security process for our staff.


Our positive experience with Secure Homes in managing the security requirements of Depot Art Gallery is valuable feedback for others in the art and gallery industry seeking reliable and tailored security solutions.

Overall, it's reassuring to know that Depot Art Gallery has found a reliable partner in SecureHomes to ensure the safety and security of your valuable artworks and other assets.


Neil, Devonport

SecureHomes has not only enhanced the security of our primary residence and secondary property with their outstanding Eufy cameras and alarms but has also provided an invaluable tool for monitoring our fruit trees and shrubs. As homeowners with a passion for gardening, keeping an eye on the health and growth of our plants is just as important to us as safeguarding our properties.

With the Eufy cameras strategically placed around our gardens, we can now remotely observe the progress of our fruit trees and shrubs from anywhere in the world. The high-definition footage and wide-angle coverage offer a detailed view of our garden's developments, allowing us to ensure they receive the care they need, even when we're away.

This added feature not only adds to the versatility of the Eufy camera system but also underscores SecureHomes' commitment to providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of homeowners like us. Their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction truly sets them apart in the industry.

Thanks to SecureHomes and Eufy, we can now enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that our homes and gardens are protected and thriving, no matter where life takes us. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-tier security solutions with the added bonus of garden monitoring."



Tracy, Hauraki Corner

“Security cameras, together with a WiFi upgrade from Securehomes have truly transformed the way we feel about the safety of our home. As parents, ensuring our children's security is our top priority, and these cameras have given us invaluable peace of mind.


The quality of the footage is excellent, even in low light, and the user-friendly app makes it easy to check in on our property from anywhere. We've also been impressed by the responsive support whenever we've had questions or needed assistance. Our only regret is not installing them sooner! Thank you,


Securehomes for providing a solution that's truly made a difference putting the power in the palm of our hands."

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Brett, Owner

As a garden and landscape business, our equipment and tools are crucial assets that we rely on daily. That's why investing in a reliable security solution was a top priority for us. We turned to Securehomes for their expertise in commercial surveillance and asset tracking, and we couldn't be happier with the results.


Their team worked closely with us to assess our specific needs and design a customized security system tailored to our premises. Since the installation, we've experienced greater peace of mind knowing that our equipment and inventory are protected around the clock.


The ability to remotely monitor our gardens and storage areas has also improved our efficiency, allowing us to respond quickly to any potential security issues. We're grateful for the professional service and support provided by Securehomes and we highly recommend them to any garden and landscaping business looking to enhance their security measures and keep an eye on equipment."


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